Monday, November 14, 2016

More on Torturing Plywood

Following on my previous post, about bending plywood into boat hull shapes, here are two photos to show what can be done. These photos are from Ian Allen, who built his Cape Cutter 19 from plywood in New Zealand. The first photo shows a bottom panel from the bow area, clamped and braced in place on the hull framing. Ian is using sliding bar clamps at the edges, backed up by wood temporary framing and Spanish windlasses to add pressure in the middle of the panel where clamps don't reach. The panel was left in place until it relaxed into the shape.
The panel clamped in place. Note the wedges under the wood framing, to apply pressure in the middle of the sheet where clamps don't reach. The panel is left in place to stretch and relax into the required shape. Wetting or steaming the panel will speed up the process.

The second photo shows the panel after release from the hull framing.

Panel after removal from hull framing. Now it will be much easier to glue and clamp to the framing.

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